Trading Board Game
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Real or Fake News?
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The Takeover Game

Get rich, eliminate other players and become the master of the financial universe..

Earning money is easy; purchase three or four identical Investment Cards and sell them to the Stock Exchange for a huge commission.

But holding assets can be risky. Accumulating too much debt, market movements and trading between other players can quickly turn a predator into prey. But that’s business.

The Fake News Game

Can you tell the difference between fake news and an actual news story? Can you convince your friends that lies could be real? Well this is the game for you.

Fast, funny and, at times, fake, this is the ultimate game for 2017.

"If we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems." - Barack Obama, Nov 2016 Press Conference in Germany. For 2+ players aged 12 years and over.

The Story

“The Takeover” is a family board game where players experience the frenetic world of international finance. Created in 2014 by two Londoners in their spare time, the game launched on 2nd November 2016 in the City of London.

On a 2014 October evening four friends were invited to a dinner party. They were completely unaware they were about to be cajoled into becoming the first ever players of a new family board game. A handmade game, from sugar paper, that had all the hallmarks of a school project. The night confirmed two crucial facts; the game was highly addictive and fun to play! Outcome – success!

Five months and over one hundred road tests later the game finally came to life when the crayon scribbles of the first concept board were transformed into a product fit for the High Street. Akin to the concept phase, the board’s development and rule refinement was painstaking, but worth it! Five prototypes were produced and reiterated over eighteen months - and by September 2016 “the TAKEOVER game” went into production.

Now we have launched The Takeover Board Game & The Fake News Card Game! Look out for more!

Thank you!